Thomas D. Wood and Company is a privately held real estate investment banking firm specializing in Florida’s commercial and Multi-family real estate capital markets. Founded in 1987 by Thomas D Wood Sr. and Thomas D Wood Jr., the company has become one of Florida’s premiere real estate lenders with over $10 billion in transactional experience throughout Florida and the continental United States.

Thomas D. Wood and Company is dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized service, intimate knowledge of the local real estate market, while maintaining long-standing relationships with the top institutional lenders for real estate investors with best-in-class financing solutions.


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Through its membership in Strategic Alliance Mortgage (SAM), Thomas D. Wood and Company is a part of a network of two dozen privately-owned commercial real estate investment banks located throughout the United States. SAM members have arranged over $150 billion of Commercial Real Estate debt since 2001 including more than 16,000 transactions in 48 states.

Clients benefit from our long-standing relationships with more than 200 traditional and non-traditional lenders, including local, regional and national banks, conduit lenders, agency lenders, mortgage REITs, life companies, credit unions and private equity funds.